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Secumax Security has been designing, installing, servicing, and maintaining commercial building integrated security for government, enterprise, and private firms across Australia for over 20 years. Securing a commercial building does not stop at Intrusion detection, Access Control and CCTV but extends to other systems such as HID SAFE identity management, which is integrated into various applications, induction platforms, licencing and training platforms, and government databases to ensure that only valid and certified personnel have the minimal access privileges for their assigned tasks.

There are many security, safety and operational risks that are presented to commercial buildings and their occupants to reduce the risk a vast range of technologies can be implemented to deter, monitor, and identify potential events before they occur this includes elevator management, carpark management with Automatic Licence Plate Recognition and payment integration, visitor management, end of trip locker management, environmental monitoring and people counting.

Commercial buildings use various access control and credential formats around the world, even within the same building when there are multiple tenants utilizing different technologies. We can provide systems that are capable of reading multiple formats and enabling single card access for your entire building and tenancies.

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